You enter the room and find...

Magical live streams, action-full entertainments, stealthy fun surprises, drawing classes, laser-cut dice jails and published D&D adventures.

Drawing Class (Wednesdays 2pm eastern)

Learn to Draw. Bring pencil & paper – get some skills going – doodle skills. Join Louie and friends for an hour long hangout while drawing anything from treasure chests to spaceships. LIVE – Wednesdays at 2pm est (Noon mtn) on TWITCH.


Brothers Joe and Lou make wizard stuff for your table top games. Laser-cut dice towers and scale buildings. Hand sculpted and cast Dice holders. LittlEmpire Game Craft at Etsy

Jimmy & Louie make games

Jimmy imagines it then writes it up (Link to more Jimmy Adventures), and Louie creates art, covers, maps and does the layout. These best selling, well reviewed, adventure modules are available at:

Mid-night Madness (Returning Fall 2021)

Stream of Adventure presents a FACEBOOK LIVE event. Your Dungeon Master (Louie) takes you on a “D&D lite” journey of imagination. No experience required – have fun learning some Dungeons & Dragons and being creative. 10pm est.

Nat21 Adventures (Past Adventure)

Louie Played ‘Barnabus the Barbarian Minotaur’ with the wonderful people at Nat21 Adventures. Favorite Renaissance Festival performers playing Dungeons and Dragons, kind of. Live Streaming on TWITCH Tuesday Nights 8pm est. (past episodes online)