Episode Four – Wishes on the Scale

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This week on Level Up with Louie 0:21
Catch Up Time 0:49
Mmmmm, whats that flavor… 4:40
Currents 25:35
Monster of the Week 27:54
Interview 31:24
Thoughts on this weeks episode 1:09:05
A Word From 1:10:06
Growl Outs 1:11:24

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This week on Level Up with Louie 0:21

Mmmmm, whats that flavor? Pharaoh by the Hickmans 

Current Book Cycle – Legacy of the Drow and I…Alien 

Interview with a Dungeon Master – Ben Howard 

Monster of the Week – Efreeti 

Catch Up Time 0:49

Currently in MD right now, gearing up The London Broil Show for performing at the Royal Fox Theatre – for five weeks through September 23rd. 

Water from India. 

Games to Warriors event – I have five boxes of games and am gonna get a few more to make six boxes to ship out. The event was a success!! I had a good time, so diid the people that showed up, and we collected games and money. Look for it again next year around this time. 

Mmmmm, whats that flavor… 4:40

I3 Pharaoh – A early 80’s AD&D adventure written by Tracy and Laura Hickman – yes ‘The Hickmans’ This is their first published adventure with TSR- Tracy Hickman went on the create and write the ‘DragonLance’ series with coAuthor Margaret Weis.  

Currents 25:35

Book: I..Alien by Michael Reaves – who went on to write StarWars books and the Dungeons and Dragons Animated series. 

Book: Finished up ‘Passage to Dawn’ completing the Legacy of the Draw cycle of the Drizzt series by RAS. 

Monster of the Week 27:54

Efreeti – featured in Pharaoh and a possible door into the world of wishes, but be so careful, the Djinn may grant a wish that you can live though, the Efreet makes slaves of most humanoids it encounters – dealing with an Efeeti is in all senses, playing with fire. 

Interview 31:24

Interview with Dungeon Master -Ben Howard – DM for D&D is for the cool kids on Roll20. 

Thoughts on this weeks episode 1:09:05

This episode it has been interesting to find the ‘first works’ of two prolific creators. Reaves and Hickman – these where first steps that launched a solid career in the business of fantasy creation. What is your first work, first step, first level? Don’t just wish for the end, begin the journey. 

A Word From 1:10:06

A word from Lady Ahinar Suithrasas – Elven Wizard – about Wishes. 

Growl Outs 1:11:24

Comfort Family for the Gloomhaven game! 

Games to Warriors Crew: 

Hayes, Matt, Joe, Ethan, Logan, JD, Ben, Julie, Alex, George, Randy, Vicki, Joyce, Scott, Brittney, Dan, Steve 

Ben Howard – Game/Dungeon Master 

Nicole Skelly (Ahinar Suithrasas) 

Go deep on learning something. Deeeeeper. 


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Secret Conversations – The 126ers 

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